Covid 19 has affected many people and the clergy is no exception, the church has also suffered the impact of this virus that has spread so quickly. One of the most noticeable things is the reduction in people who attend churches and with it also the daily donations they received. We need new ways of collecting donations remotely.

Get your donations in WhatsApp

Technology offers us new possibilities to make these donations to churches more easily and safely.

Any church can have access to a mobile phone number to which a link can be created that will direct all those who are interested in making donations, to a WhatsApp conversation that in turn can have a predetermined message which explains how to donate within WhatsApp itself.

This link can be created through our service, for free. You can automatically use it in any social network, as a signature of your email, and even add it to your documents.

Thanks to this simple solution, problems such as the distance between donor and donee can be solved, as well as the payment of the donation despite the distance as well.

Although payments through WhatsApp are not yet available in all countries, they already work very well in several  Here is a brief explaination of how a transfer would be made in WhatsApp:

• Select the contact you want to send money to.

• In the conversation window, select the clip icon.

• Choose Payment

• Select the amount you want to send.

• Enter your password for your bank.

• You will see a confirmation message appear directly in the chat window once the transaction is done.

How your church benefits using WhatsApp payments.

  • WhatsApp Pay is anticipated as a very comfortable option that will simplify the conventional ways of making money transfers between your contacts and clients. One of its great advantages is that it aims to be a completely free service and compatible with almost any smartphone.
  • Immediacy. Delivery of the message is almost immediately after it is sent, as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • One of the best benefits of using WhatsApp to collect donations is that it is free, as long as you have internet access you can use it without a problem.
  • Another feature that WhatsApp has is the ability to create groups in which many people can interact at the same time. In the case of churches, they could use it to communicate with their members once the donations have been made and inform them of what they have been destined for and how the processes of aid to NGOs (for example) are going.
  • Speed is an advantage that we cannot have when using email as a communication method but when using WhatsApp, since the messages are immediate and there is the possibility of establishing conversations in real-time which is very beneficial when talking with donors.
  • Security is something very important that WhatsApp knows and that is why it uses an encryption system to provide it.
  • We know that closeness and more human interaction are important and this is achieved much more with WhatsApp than with an email.
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