Is there WhatsApp for Apple watch?

Technically there is no WhatsApp application that you can install on your Apple watch, nevertheless if you are using an Iphone, the notifications from your phone will push to your Apple watch, you will be able to receive messages and respond using a simple list of quick replies.

How can you install the WhatsApp messenger on Apple Watch?

How to turn on the notifications for your Apple watch?

In order to receive the notifications you will need to follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings on your Iphone

2. Go to Notifications

3. Select WhatsApp

4. Turn on the Allow Notifications switch

5.  Switch both Show in notifcation center and lock screen

Notification settings for WhatsApp on an iPhone


Now you will have to configure the Watch, to do this go to the Watch App on your Iphone —> Notifications —> Activate the notification button next to WhatsApp


Notification settings in the iOS Watch app

You are now all set and you will receive WhatsApp notificartions on your Apple watch. Since the usability is limited, because you cannot start a new message, send voicemail or type your own reply we have another solution for you!

Chatify on Apple watch

Chatify is an unofficial third party application, its not made by Facebook like WhatsApp, thus proceed with caution when sharing delicate information. You can use Chatify to place WhatsApp on your wrist, with its help you will be able to send and receive messages, view chat images, emojis, stickers, and you will even be able to see when your contact is writing back just like with regular WhatsApp, all from your Apple watch. Chatify is free.

How to set up Chatify on your Apple watch

Step 1 Download Chatify on to your Iphone

Step 2 Open Chatify on your Apple watch, you will have to scan a QR code with your phone using WhatsApp

Step 3 Open WhatsApp on your Iphone and go to Settings>WhatsApp Web/ Desktop>Scan QR code

Step 4  Scan the QR, displaying at your Apple Watch with your Iphone

You are good to go! Now WhatsApp messages will appear on your wrist, you will be able to reply to them.

How to Use WhatsApp on Your Apple Watch – Gadgets To Use




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