When you create your WhatsApp link you can add a “by default” message. This “by default” message will help you identify the source of your new users.

Create your link to WhatsApp

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How to create the perfect by default message.

  1. First, this is a message from your users, so you need to write what you want them to tell you:
    1. I need help with…
    2. I want to know more about…
    3. What is the price…
    4. I want to hire you for my new…
    5. I need a proposal about my new…
    6. Where can I find your office in…
    7. How long will shipping to… ‘country’…take
  2. You need to frame what you want the user to ask you. This will help you a lot creating a first good message and starting point. You do not want to waste time with a customer who is not sure about what to do with you. Just make your first “by default” message simple, meaningful and easy to understand.
  3. Add your source: You can create a link for twitter, another for facebook, another for youtube and another for instagram. You can use the source in the default message so you can identify which channel is generating more users. You can add something like: IG – I need help with… or TW – I want to know more about…
  4. You can add your agent name… TW – Hi Richard, I want to know more about… make it personal and user friendly. Richard is now your agent. You can talk to me. I am with you.
  5. Add a coupon, offer… TW – Hi Richard, I want to use my 10% off for this product…
  6. Be as creative as possible, but make it easy for your users to understand what you are about.

Your users will definitely appreciate a well tailored “by default” message since this way they are saving time, they can just choose it and send it immediately instead of having to write it. It also makes your business more structured and it seems more professional.



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