Your business needs to move to the digital world as soon as possible. Today we want to share with you one case study where we help a company from Nairobi that is creating an online channel to sell more chicken online.

New WhatsApp Business

Glucon México with WhatsApp. Glucon is a nutrition complement for weight loose. Glucon WhatsApp Group.

This company is called Dial a Kuku. Kuku means chicken in Swahili. So the company name will be something like “Order your Chicken now”. We love the concept and we love the entrepreneur.

Creating the perfect WhatsApp Experience to buy online

You can create an online store and that is fine for the desktop user. But for the mobile user, you need to create a simpler, direct experience.

The goal is to make a website where your users will have a clear call to action to your contact channel. You want to talk with your customers. You want to receive orders. You want to understand what your client need. For all that, WhatsApp is the best channel.

This free landing page with WhatsApp is the best tool to engage with your customers fast.

You can create your own landing page with no code. Just fill up a form and you will create your landing page. Check out our gallery of landing pages with WhatsApp.

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