Sevilla is a very beautiful city, located in the southern part of Spain, where the sun shines throughout most of the year. There are unlimited opportunities in this city, both if you travel as a tourist, but indeed also if you live there and rund a business.

A lot of businesses in Sevilla are starting to turn to WhatsApp as a way of communicating with their customers, and with good reason. WhatsApp is a fast, easy to use and very convenient tool for this, so it is not so odd, that it has become really popular, not just in Spain, but all around the world!

Here are some of the companies in the city of Sevilla, who are using WhatsApp as an active part of their business! 👇

Restaurants in Sevilla using WhatsApp

Bollywood Indian Restaurant Sevilla
Restaurante Recoveco
Restaurante La Casapuerta
Express Vip Pizzas Camas
Express Vip Pizzas Bormujos
Restaurante JaponĂŠs – SUSHI MÚDAKI
Io Te Amasso
Old School Pizza
La Brioche
Chef Karim – Comida A Domicilio

These are all amazing restaurants in Sevilla, who are using the benefits of WhatsApp, as a part of their business! Some of these companies have even upgraded to a WhatsApp Business account, which only gives them further benefits!

Curious about what the difference between a regular WhatsApp account and a WhatsApp Business account is? Then we have the answer for you here! 👇

WhatsApp business benefits!

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