Boost the growth
of your business and that of your customers 

Personalized Widgets 

With you don’t need to have a website. You can create your free and unlimited widgets (mini sales pages).

Start your Widget with:

  • The name of your business
  • The sector ( field of industry)
  • Short summary of your business
  • The message for your clientes or potential clients (for example, ‘I want more information”)

Manage your sales team from one single account 

Unlimited Agents (employees)

With you can add multiple sales agents to your widget, define their customer service hours, and configure when they’re available.


Your customers will see a list of everyone and can choose who they want to talk to.

Prequealify your leads

Chat Forms 

Before your potential customer opens a conversation on WhatsApp with a sales agent, find out what exactly they need and why they’re looking for support.

This will give you more qualified leads and increase the chances of selling.

Aks for:

Your City/Country

Your Age

Your Phone number

Your Email

And any other data that you consider relevant to offer you a better experience and close the sale.

Receive payments in every moment and place

Secure and direct payment links 

Charging has never been easier and faster with payment links you can share with your customers, wherever they are.

Sell directly from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube or LinkedIn.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Polls, Surveys and Quizzes 

Create and manage satisfaction surveys from one place to know how happy your customers are with your service and how you can improve.

Send them to WhatsApp groups or customers separately, share the results with everyone, or select only the people you want to share them with.

WhatsApp Support

Forget about sending emails that take days to reply or that may end in SPAM.

If you have any questions, send us a WhatsApp message and we will answer you instantly.

Improve Customer Experience


Do you not have a CRM for your business?

With you can use WhatsApp as your primary sales channel to:

Centralize and save your contact information automatically.

Track sales, widget performance, and agents on your team.

Turn conversations with your leads into sales through analytics and management tools.

Take a step further with WhatsAppp Business

WhatsApp API

We manage your access to the WhatsApp API: access a lot of opportunities

Thanks to and your new access to the API, you can start automating your WhatsApp messages.

Verify your WhatsApp number.

Create automatic message flows to serve your customers.

Create and launch automatic WhatsApp campaigns.

Centralized customer support


Customer service finally centralized from WhatsApp.

Manage all your customers from one place having absolute control of what is happening in your business.

One single number for the entire company

Control the conversations of your agents in WhatsApp

Easily transfer conversations between agents

Integrate your favorite applications

Connect WhatsApp with the tools and applications that you already use 

Do you still have doubts?

The WhatsApp link allows you to be contacted, without the user who opens the link having saved your phone number in their address book. If the user has a WhatsApp account, clicking on the link will automatically open a WhatsApp chat to your company number.

WhatsApp is the most direct, personal and profitable sales channel today: people open 98% of WhatsApp messages. In addition, it gives you these 4 key benefits for your business:

  1. Closer and more personalized conversations that humanize your business.
  2. Immediate responses. Solve doubts instantly, it offers support and recommendations. Like a good conversation.
  3. Lead information, such as personal data, geolocation, reason for consultation.
  4. Integration with your CRM to save the information of your leads in one place automatically and be able to follow up later with offers or news.

You do not need multiple phone numbers. With our tool, different users can manage the same WhatsApp number from different devices with different roles.


The free Chat Widget tool for your website to stay connected with your customers.




My agents

Unlimited WhatsApp Widgets


Landing pages

(Some functions need WhatsApp API.)
WhatsApp API


Get your WhatsApp API to automate your workflow.

Custom Modules for:




And much more!


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