Magento Order Notifications with WhatsApp

Sends personalized Order Status Notification directly to your customer's WhatsApp number.

  • Use 360 Dialog WahtsApp API to push notifications to your customers
  • Use your WhatsApp Templates to customize your messages
  • Send dynamic notification using variable fields
  • You need to have your WhatsApp Number Verified
  • Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
  • Live demo Buy this "test" product with a valid phone number to test the WhatsApp Notification. Contact us to access the back end and view the configuration.

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Magento WhatsApp Order Notifications

Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification creates an automated Workflow for Magento with WhatsApp API to send different order status Notification directly to your customer's WhatsApp.

The extension will automatically send an Order status notifications to the respective customer without any human efforts. Sending these types of effective notifications helps store owners reduce cost per message compared to SMS Notifications and getting a higher reading rate for the delivered message.

WhatsApp Order Notification

Utilizing the WhatsApp Order Notification, our Magento Webmasters can send various Order notifications. You can send notifications base on the following order status.

  • New - order_sent(en)
  • Processing - order_sent(en)
  • Canceled - order_sent(en)
  • Completed

Quick Setup and Configure for 360 Dialog WhatsApp API

The admin can easily set up and manage their 360 Dialog WhatsApp API for sending the notifications to your customers for closing the deals faster.

Built-in WhatsApp Notification Templates Feature for Admin & Customers

The WhatsApp notification module is featured with in-built templates feature for sending various notifications for customers as well as admin effortlessly.

The extension allows the admin to send dynamic notifications using object & variable fields via the notifications as per their desire from the backend.

Use WhatsApp to contact with your clients from the back end

WhatsApp Order Notification Pro extension provides the easiest option for the admin to handle the customer notifications directly from the backend of your store.

Add Our WhatsApp Widget to connect with your customers

Our WhatsApp Widget enables an easy to use communications channel for your customers. Support, sales, gift ideas...

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Magento WhatsApp Order Notifications