WhatsApp link Generator - free 2020

This link generator will generate a whatsapp message link to use anywhere...

How to add a link in your Instagram Story

How to create your WhatsApp link

Enter your telephone number 15551234567 not +001-(555)1234567.
Enter your telephone number 15551234567 not +001-(555)1234567.

Your URL and QR code will show below once you fill ut the form and press generate


To findout more about how this works see this link from the Whatsapp API

Step by step guide - Create your link from Instagram to WhatsApp

In your Instagram channel you can add one link. You can use WhatsApp as a destination to enable a direct contact with your users

In this image we explain step by step how to add a link to WhatsApp from your Instagram account

how to create your link from instagram to whatsapp

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