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Template “Pizza Coupon” – WhatsApp Catalog

Pizza Coupon Template for WhatsApp Business. You can use this image for your WhatsApp Group to sell pizza. Download this free image for your WhatsApp Catalog.

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How can you create a coupon 💰 in WhatsApp 🟢

If you want to sell more using WhatsApp you need to use Quick Replies to create offers and coupons. Quick Replies is a free feature in WhatsApp Business. You can create a predefine message with an imagen and with a PayPal button. This will be your perfect companion while doing sales and customer support in […]

Premium version

20% off during Halloween 2019

Use this coupon “trick-or-treat” to get a 20% off from your premium account. The premium version is really cool to create multiple agents, custom design and more options to create a custom widget. The premium version is just $15 / year. But we want to give you a 20% off during this halloween season. Create […]