Secure your WhatsApp account

Why should you secure your WhatsApp account? You use WhatsApp for private messaging, with your parnter, family, friends or you conduct business through the app. Sometimes people even pass confidential data through the digital communicators. As things happen in life, an unfortunate event such as theft might occur, the thief will gain access to your… Continue reading Secure your WhatsApp account

WhatsApp multi device support

WhatsApp on 4 different devices simultaneously WhatsApp will soon support a new feature called “Linked devices”, you will be able to use it at 4 different appliances. How does it differ from the functioning of WhatsApp Web for instance? With Linked devices you will not be required to stay connected to the main account(phone) at… Continue reading WhatsApp multi device support

How to change WhatsApp Background?

WhatsApp is a very customizable app, apart from editing your public profile you can change many settings in your app. One of the more interesting options is changing your background. You can choose to do so with the available pictures that WhatsApp provides for you or upload your own picture if you wish, this can… Continue reading How to change WhatsApp Background?

WhatsApp Widget on website

What is a WhatsApp Widget for websites? WhatsApp Widget is a great tool for your website, which redirects the users straight to a WhatsApp conversation after just one click, which safes a lot of time, contrary to usual phone number hidden somewhere on the website, which the user has to find and type into their… Continue reading WhatsApp Widget on website

is there any way to add Whatsapp button in the main menu?

The short answer is yes, you can add WhatsApp to the WordPress menu. The fastest way to create this is: Create your link to WhasApp using our link system for WhatsApp. You can try this link as an example Copy your link to WhatsApp Paste your link in the WordPress menu. 1. To create… Continue reading is there any way to add Whatsapp button in the main menu?

Which WhatsApp is best

Regular WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business WhatsApp is the most used communicator in the world with over 2 billion users currently. It’s great to utilize as the main app for conversations whether or not you have a business. If you are a regular person, but you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and you would like be easily… Continue reading Which WhatsApp is best

WhatsApp challenge accepted

Are you already familiar with our new feature ChatPoll? This is a great tool you can utilize to increase customer engagement by preparing surveys for your users/clients. You can create challenges or contest e.g. for your best product/ service, customers will vote and let you know, what is the best feature offered by your company.… Continue reading WhatsApp challenge accepted