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How to setup WhatsApp in your Website

If you want to add WhatsApp to your Website you need to follow these simple steps.

WhatsApp Link

There is a very simple, easy to use link to WhatsApp you can add in your website.
You can add a link to your WhatsApp account from your Contact section in your website.
The same way you have a link to your email, or a form, you can add a link to your WhatsApp Account.

This link to WhatsApp will open Whatsapp in the users terminal and will create a direct channel to your number. The user do not need to add you as a contact. This is a direct link to your WhatsApp account.
For the average user, to create a new contact, then to look for your contact and send you a message is already to much work. They will not do it.

You need to make it easy and direct. The link to WhatsApp is the best way to simply give your users a link to click and chat with you. No more steps, or problems.

For you, is all advantages. You will keep users phone number in your WhatsApp Application, so you can contact later and you will be able to setup automated messages and quick replies.

In other Chat systems, if you are not around, you will need to ask the user to give you the email or phone number. And we know what happens. Emails get lost, they never reply, the phone number is wrong… You will loose the customer.

You need to be able to reply quickly and with a straight answer.

WhatsApp Widget

The WhatsApp Widget is a following step if you want to have a much nicer service and integration.
We offer a free WhatsApp Widget for your WordPress Website.
This widget will be visible all the time at the bottom of you website. This is more usable for mobile users. It is a button easy to access and easy to use.
Users already know how to click and chat if they needed. On average the websites using this button receive 20 messages per day. This conversion rate is phenomenal for most small business.

The widget is very easy to setup.
You need to add an agent, or multiple agents, and a message for your website, service or products.
With that, you can start talking with your customers. The first step is to generate a conversation. Then you can do a sell.

WhatsApp Api

This final service is if you want to manage several websites or several agents in a website.
You can programmatically widgets to your website to generate “Click to chat” to specific numbers. The Widget can be added to your website with a simple script you can add to your template.

This is a service for programmers who want to create a Click to chat service for a website with lots of agents and services you need to manage.

All these services are free. You can use them for as long as you want.
Thank you for your support.

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How to create WhatsApp link with name?

If you want to add your name or your brand to the WhatsApp link you can do it using the field we have to customize your message.

You can add your message when you create the link.

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How to set business hours on WhatsApp business?

If you are using WhatsApp Business, you can add your business hours to your business profile.

Once you have your Business Hours, you can add automated messages when you are away.
That way your customers will receive a message when you are away and you can keep the customer informed about your opening hours.

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HTML code for WhatsApp chat

If you want to generate a WhatsApp Chat for your website you have 3 options.

1. Simple HTML link to WhatsApp Generator
This is a simple link you can add in your HTML using the tag

2. WhatsApp Widget for WordPress

If you want to have a Widget with Agents, Call to Action, Messages and Custom Design you can use our Free WhatsApp Widget for WordPress. This is a great tool if you want to have a more powerful interesting WhatsApp Widget.

3. WhatsApp Widget Api Generator

If you need to manage several users, agents or websites, our API WhatsApp solution lets you create and manage different widgets from one unique control panel.
Create your account today to create WhatsApp Widget with API.

Those are 3 options to create your code for WhatsApp Widget.

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How to set automatic message on WhatsApp?

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Cómo poner el link de WhatsApp en el perfil de Instagram?

Si necesitas poner un link a Instagram, puedes usar nuestra herramienta gratuita para generar un enlace a WhatsApp.

Esta herramienta gratuita te permite crear un enlace corto a tu cuenta de WhatsApp.

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How to share WhatsApp link?

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WhatsApp button for website

How to create a WhatsApp Button for my website.

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Link número WhatsApp Instagram

Si quieres que desde Instagram te puedan contactar a tu número de teléfono de WhatsApp necesitas crear un link a tu número de WhatsApp.
Para esto hemos hecho una herramienta gratuita que te permite generar ese enlace de una forma sencilla.

Crear enlace a WhatsApp.

Esta herramienta es totalmente gratuita y no necesita registro.
Necesitas poner tu número de teléfono con el código de país.
Siempre pon tu teléfono sin espacios y con el código de país.

Por ejemplo
– Si es de España: 34627524218 el número será de este estilo.
– Si es de Colombia: 579990768818 el número será de este estilo.
– Si es de la India: 919990768818 el número será de este estilo.

Luego puedes añadir un mensaje personalizado por si quieres identificar el origen del mensaje. Úsalo porque la mayoría de los usuarios lo usan cuando envían el mensaje. De esta forma podrás ver de dónde vienen tus usuarios.

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WhatsApp for Website

If you want to add WhatsApp to your website there a few different options you can use:

Add WhatsApp as a link.
Add WhatApp as a WordPress Widget.
Add WhatApp to multiple users or sites with an API.

Please let us know if this is useful for your project.