WhatsApp link auto chat

How to create your WhatsApp link auto chat If you want to create your own WhatsApp link you should head to our website Chatwith.io , generating the link itself is very easy. You just have to: Go to Chatwith.io Type your phone number WITH your country code at the beginning Fill in the optional welcome(by… Continue reading WhatsApp link auto chat

WhatsApp E-commerce

WhatsApp Business use for your shop What is WhatsApp Business actually? It’s an app especially designed for business owners, it helps to foster good communication with clients and on top of that enables you to create a company profile. This profile includes: firm’s name, image and “about” section, in case you own a physical shop… Continue reading WhatsApp E-commerce

ChatPoll for marketing analysis

Net Promoter Score (NPS) NPS is a great management tool for marketers used in order to measure customer satisfaction. It basically shows us how likely the customers are to recommend your company, product or service to their friends, collegues, relatives etc. Studies indicate that customer satisfaction level is directly correlated with revenue growth relative to… Continue reading ChatPoll for marketing analysis

WhatsApp for Apple watch

Is there WhatsApp for Apple watch? Technically there is no WhatsApp application that you can install on your Apple watch, nevertheless if you are using an Iphone, the notifications from your phone will push to your Apple watch, you will be able to receive messages and respond using a simple list of quick replies. How… Continue reading WhatsApp for Apple watch

How WhatsApp status works?

What is WhatsApp Status all about? This WhatsApp feature allows you to publish a status update that dissapears after 24 hours, similarly to “stories” on facebook/instagram. It enables you to share videos, photos, GIFs etc. The status you post will only be visible to people who have your phone number saved in their contacts. There… Continue reading How WhatsApp status works?

How to make whatsapp link on Facebook

Would you like to add a WhatsApp link to your facebook profile/website. You want to allow your facebook friends the ability to quickly reach you via WhatsApp, so they can chat/ give you a video call? Maybe you have a company website on facebook and you would like to improve the communication with them, make… Continue reading How to make whatsapp link on Facebook