Create your Widget + Agent. This is by default, but it is important for you to have an account properly setup. In our architecture you need to have a Widget with an Agent. The Bookings and the Forms belong to the Agent inside a Widget.

Add a Form to your Agent and then Add a Booking

Inside Bookings you have a few options to setup.

  • Hours – You can define the days and hours you are available. You can add multiple blocks in the same day. For example Mon from 9 to 1 and then from 3 to 5.
  • Hours ahead to make a booking. This means if you want to prevent users making a booking in the same day. If you add 12 or 24 hours you will prevent the next booking available to be in the next available hour.
  • Maximum days to make a booking. This means how many days you enable to make bookings. You can enable users to book meetings for the next 10 days or 15 days available or you can have your full calendar available.
  • Slot duration (in minutes). How long is the meeting. We do not have flexible hours. The meetings are either 1 hour or 30 minutes, but you can not have both in the same calendar.
  • Pause between meetings (in minutes). If you want to have a break.
  • How many bookings per slot. If you have different agents, you can enable more than 1 slot per hour.
  • Calendar availability. From when to when you want the calendar open.
  • Timezone. This is important if you work with international users and to set your hours correctly for the users base on their location.
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