HubSpot is best for small businesses. Salesforce is best for high-growth startups.

Hubspot gets better and better every year as Salesforce continues to neglect SMB. They’d rather focus on acquiring new enterprise products for the companies with +1,000 employees that make up +90% of their revenue.

Sales Cloud is still by far the market leader so if it ain’t broke, why fix it? You can’t blame them.

Hubspot, by far, has the better UI/UX and intuitive workflow to make it easy for small teams to implement and use it. If that’s you, buy Hubspot. Period. Your EA can set it up and salespeople can train themselves to use it.

Unless……you want to grow.

Most things are possible in Salesforce.

  • It might take a lot of time and money
  • It might require developers to write code
  • Or one of the +5,000 AppExchange apps
  • Or a custom integration with other software
  • It might not look exactly how the team wants
  • But 99% of the time there’s a way to get there

This just isn’t the case in Hubspot.

  • Hubspot has come a long way
  • But it’s still not enterprise software
  • It’s designed for common use cases
  • For small teams with common workflow

As teams evolve their process becomes more nuanced and defined.

New leaders come in with far more experience and process.

  • This is where we often see companies hit a brick wall
  • They just can’t do what they need to do to execute
  • So they migrate from Hubspot to Salesforce


They’re often really hitting their stride here.

Migrations can be just $10K to $20K in 6-8 weeks.

  • Doesn’t sound too bad if we ignore productivity.

6-8 weeks is only the beginning

  • It takes up a lot of people’s time
  • Distracting attention from revenue
  • Leadership, operations, the sales team

Go Live is another 4-8 weeks

  • Training takes time
  • Driving adoption takes more
  • Gathering feedback takes more
  • Implementing needed updates, more
  • Then more training and driving adoption

There’s no “set it and forget it” though

  • Salespeople don’t magically adopt it
  • Salesforce isn’t perfect on the first day
  • It takes time to work through both of these

If you’re selling $1M a month, for example, what does this really cost the company?

How much revenue is lost with this distraction and change?

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