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Get to know Zoho integration CRM with WhatsApp

With Zoho CRM and WhatsApp integration, you will be able to have detailed and high-level control over your mass messaging campaigns on the WhatsApp App from Zoho CRM.

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The integration between Zoho CRM and WhatsApp is presented

We can do Zoho CRM integration with WhatsApp thanks to different platforms that have developed a basic integration with the ZOHO application.

They offer us the ability to integrate Zoho with WhatsApp Business, which will help us have conversations directly from Zoho CRM to the WhatsApp Business app.

With it, we can have conversations by sending and receiving messages from our existing contacts or customers, having the ability to send bulk WhatsApp messages, and plan marketing campaigns through the famous instant messaging application.

By integrating Zoho into the WhatsApp app you will be able to:

  1. View all sent and received WhatsApp messages from the customer or contact tab
  2. Automate replies or messages based on conversations.
  3. To carry out marketing campaigns through mass messages.
  4. Block spreading messages to different contacts or prevent them from sending us messages.

All these functions can be done directly from the CRM and all processes can be automated.

With this particular Zoho integration, we will promote the use of messaging apps to maximize their potential to help our business improve day by day.

With this connection between the two apps, you will have complete control over your bulk messaging campaigns on WhatsApp. Control everything from the Zoho CRM tool, gathering all the information needed for success quickly and fully managed!

So you donโ€™t have to worry about anything, at Millennials Consulting we are Zoho experts and we make this integration from Zoho CRM and WhatsApp fast so you can start making the most of these two applications.

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