About payments in Papua New Guinea

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This is a question we have from time to time.

How I can link your widget to a gateway and maybe provide that service? 

There may be a good opportunity there because the bank does not approve gateways easily, which rules out most SMEs. I have been actively pursuing mine with both banks for over 5 weeks now, so you can imagine this turns off 99% of applicants.

Finding you arose while looking for a solution to my problem. I am releasing a Taxi platform very shortly, but because the bank is being difficult, I needed another way for users to be able to recharge their in-app wallet, or at least make it easier for me to organise the manual transfer.

I want to see if your widget will let me easily identify, collect and organise information.

In my use case I will set up my Taxi store where they buy credits. They make a manual transfer (outside of both my app and your widget) and come to my store to make an order, making sure to include the transfer reference number. I get sent the order, confirm the receipt of funds, do a manual transfer on their app wallet, then indicate the order is fulfilled. 

This is obviously not ideal or scalable, but arises because the bank does not have a process or policy for those that want to use the gateway in an app. Of course, if the local payment gateway can be linked somehow, it would cut down the manual steps.

That was my problem. 

Now, on a bigger scale….

If I have that problem, every other SME must have that too. There is an idea I was toying with…

Since the bank will not give gateways easily, what if I were the intermediary that facilitated the transactions? So SMEs could create their shops and use my service to facilitate customer purchases.

Customer payment > Me (my gateway with customisations from you) > Shop

There is opportunity for both of us in there.

Of course, if ChatWith.io could integrate the local gateway then I would lose this opportunity, but my initial problem would be solved so either way would work for me.

If you think there might be something in there I’m certainly open to playing around with ideas.

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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