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Reading Time: < 1 minute is a very popular service to create your landing page for your links to be shared. This is a very similar service to LinkTree. You can create a profile page with different links to your email, whatsapp, and youtube…

Example of a link to WhatsApp for

This “landing pages” are very useful to create a link from Instagram, Email Signature, Linkedin, etc…

The idea is to create a simple easy process to capture your leads.

The best link you can add in this pages is your link to WhatsApp.

Your link to WhatsApp must have the following requirements to work:

  • Custom URL
  • Welcome message
  • URL referral tracking
  • Stats

Those are the basics elements to make a useful link to whatsapp for your users and for your business.

LinkTree alternatives and their traffic:

  • Linktree is the champion in this category with 196 Million visits to their profiles. This is an amazing number.
  • reach almost 9M visitors
  • – very small alternative. Only 29.000 visitors.
  • another small competitor. Only 28.000 visitors.
  • 80.3K visitors
  • 1.9M visitors
  • Campsite 1.4M visitors
  • 84.9K visitors – from AppSumo

How to create your link to WhatsApp for LinkTree

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