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Do you need to renew your cosmetics or creams?

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Metodos. Metodi Estetici Innovativi 🧴

We provide a personalized medical history for each area to be treated and continuous monitoring of the result. We are unique in offering a method with dual technology (laser diode and pulsed light) to ensure maximum treatment effectiveness and faster times.

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They take care of always #beenSecurity and #Hygiene‼ ️

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Βasics Methods

Even in the basic solutions we have researched and identified innovative methods with the aim of confirming the exclusivity of our proposal and identifying the creative logic of our brand. The areas we have focused on are:

1) Manicure and Pedicure

2) Callosity and Duroni

3) Epilation with organic wax

They follow only effective solutions Methods in absolute Security!

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You have the opportunity to visit them in Pescara, Italy, or BUY ONLINE. They have a very powerful online ordering store and they are ready to answer any question you may have!

📍Pescara,Via Cesare Battisti 201