How to organize a commercial team with WhatsApp

There are several tactics when it comes to selling online. Many companies opt for the option of not showing prices, not offering free demos, or not offering the user the option to test the product independently.

These types of companies tend to think that the customer needs to be guided and advised to use the product correctly. On the other hand, there is usually a very complex configuration that means that the product cannot be seen by the user autonomously. The client needs to make several configurations to be able to use it and in this process the client can be lost and therefore more than gaining clients we will lose them.

On the other hand, other companies think that the commercial should advise the client to see their best option and all the potential in the account. Suppose we have a product that is worth 10 per user. Perhaps the client signs up and buys 5 licenses, but could buy 10 or 20 if he is well advised and managed by a salesperson.

All these strategies can make sense, but perhaps there is another alternative and it is just the opposite. If we analyze point by point these objections to online direct selling, we can find reasonable alternatives.

  1. The product must be very simple and easy to understand in a first session. The products should always be like an onion that you open layer by layer. But the first layer should be a layer that is simple, clear, and valuable enough for the customer to generate that initial engagement. You cannot wait for the product to provide value on screen 10. The product must generate value on screen 1 of registration.
  2. The configuration of the product should also be very simple. You cannot think that someone is going to initially invest more than 1 hour in configuring your product. Your product must be simple and the configuration must basically depend on 2 or 3 very simple elements. Who are you, what do you want to achieve, when do you want to achieve it. In this part it is very important to achieve a relevant level of customization for the client based on their preferences. We cannot add too many questions to the registry because the number of accounts created will decrease, but we will need some minimum data to be able to define a correct user experience. You may have several types of customers and offering some customization will allow you to offer a better experience.
  3. Regarding the fact that a commercial can extract all the value of an account, it is always questionable and in the end it is a matter of scale. Do you need many commercials or do you prefer a model where the system sells itself? If your company is based on technology, product, you should tend to have a 100% automated sales system. You cannot have a digital product that is sold offline. No matter how much upsell you can find in a particular way, you cannot pretend that your business focuses on the sales capacity of some people.

As a summary, we at try to offer the maximum value to users from minute 1 and leave other products and services that need to be managed differently for later layers. Advanced options, niche options, they always appear on a second or third interaction. Initially we always launch a very simple and clear product and then we add clear solutions to the user that can be added.