Best products to sell online 2022


It is a sad fact that there is a growing sense of insecurity among consumers. This has fueled a demand for products to protect people and private property. This, in turn, offers you retail opportunities like starting an eCommerce.

  • Personal alarms. For consumers who want attention and help when attacked or threatened, personal alarms have gotten smaller, louder, and more visually appealing. Its popularity is increasing.
  • Pepper spray. It’s a fast, effective, and low-effort way to disable and repel attackers. All kinds of people choose to carry pepper spray. As long as it’s not regulated where you live, this is perfect for a security-oriented online business.
  • Door bars. In addition to protecting themselves, consumers want to protect their homes from encroachment. Digital gate gates are among the hottest trends in home security and are a surprisingly effective way to make money.

Everything Pets

People have long been willing to spend money on their pets, even before they did on themselves.

With this in mind, selling products aimed at animal owners can be a very profitable niche to enter.

  • Pet beds. It may seem like an unlikely product to be trending in 2021. However, the acquisition of pets has increased, which is why more people than ever need places for their cats, dogs and other pets to sleep.
  • Custom feeding bowls. This is a relatively inexpensive product to make, store, and ship, but the customization aspect means there is the potential for a markup, and it’s a hefty margin.
  • Training collars. These products are on the more controversial side, as they involve the application of mild electric shocks to the animals. However, they are gaining popularity.


They can be a good provider of income with great potential for return. The secret in this niche is to consider a very specific demographic when creating your brand.

  • Art supplies. Although it is certainly not a booming market, there is always a constant demand for reasonably priced paints, charcoals, canvases, and other art products. If you have a good selection, you have a chance.
  • Washable paint. By bridging the gap between toy and hobby, washable paints for kids allow creativity to spiral out of control, without fear of ruined rugs or clothing. This product has seen a 20% increase in searches in 2021.
  • Brand toys. It is an unavoidable fact in retail that brands have higher prices and the same goes for toys. Products with cartoons or movies sell better, but make sure you have permission if you want to sell them.

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