Businesses who are using WhatsApp in Malaga

All around the world, people are starting to realize the major benefits that follows when using WhatsApp business, and in most of the major cities around europe, this can be seen in the streets, as well as online.

Malaga is no exception of this, and the beautiful city on the southern cost of Spain is one of those cities, where the usage of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for shops and freelancers can really be seen.

In this article we spark some light to some of the few of many businesses in Malaga who are using WhatsApp as a part of their business, and how it can be used in practise! 👏

Businesses who uses WhatsApp in Malaga

Village Pizza Doner Kebab
La Sociedad Herbívora
El Ombú Empanadas Argentinas
Bocateria Lex Flavia
Restaurante Palodú
Pizzas El Loco
Bar Hamburguesería Y Pizzería El Buen Rollo
Kurobi Sushi
Fushimi Inari Truck

All these companies are using WhatsApp for their restaurants, and are doing a great job of it! 🚀

The benefits of WhatsApp business

Some of these business have already gone all the way, and upgraded to a WhatsApp Business account, to get the full benefits of WhatsApp. 🔥

Want to know the difference between a regular WhatsApp account, and a WhatsApp business account? Just look here. 👇

WhatsApp Business benefits

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