Some dates are more important than others, and some days are so important, that you don’t want to forget about them at any cost, or want to make sure, that all your guests don’t forget about it!

These days are often something really special, and at these occasions, you obviously want as many of your loved ones such as friends family and others to be there. 😍

By sending your guests an invitation as a “save the date” invitation increases the chance of more of them being able to participate when the day comes, and the earlier you send the invitation, the higher is the chance, that they haven’t already saved the date for something else! 👍

There could be many different reasons for wanting to send an invitation like this, such as:

  • A birthday invitation ✅
  • A wedding invitation ✅
  • A family event ✅
  • A reunion ✅

Or something like this!

Here we give you a template for an Whatsapp “save the date” message for you to use, or get some inspiration from! 👇

Save the date!


In the occasion of (EVENT) on the (DATE), we would like you to invite you to (EVENT). It would be our absolute pleasure to see you there, and we sincerely hope you will be able to join us and have a good times with friends and family!

Please let us know by (LAST DAY OF NOTICE) latest, so we can be prepared as best as possible!

We are really looking forward to seeing you on (DATE), and have a great time!

Kind regards, (YOUR NAME)

Make it fit your event or situation.

You can copy and use this template for most cases, but if you want to make your invitation as good and personal as possible, we recommend that you fit it to the event you are hosting, so that it creates a higher interest among your guests. 👏

You can do that by simply filling out the fields we left for you to fill out in the template, or by describing your event a little bit more detailed, and perhaps by giving some important information if needed!

Using in these type of messages allows your to get a notification, so that you can see if your recipient have received the invitation or not.

This gives you the opportunity to further contact those your guests, if you can see that some of them haven’t received an invitation from you, or perhaps do a follow up, if you see that they haven’t answered your initial invitation. 👋

In that way, you kan keep track of your invitations, and make sure that everyone are given the full opportunity to join in on your big day, when the time comes! 🎉

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