WhatsApp businesses in Valencia

Valencia is a beautiful city on the east coast of Spain, which makes for a great location for tourism, vacation and lots of other good reasons to visit.

It also opens up a lot of opportunities for businesses in the city, to interact with the people in the city, and why not do it in a easy, fast and convenient way? 🤔

WhatsApp is the perfect tool for this, and there are multiple benefits of using WhatsApp to deal with you customers, and you can provide them with a lot of great services

Such as:

  • A WhatsApp widget on your website 🔥
  • Unlimited agents for f.x support and service 🔥
  • Polls, surveys quiz and more 🔥
  • Payment links 🔥
  • Almost unlimited design possibilities 🔥
  • Creating and sharing your own WhatsApp link 🔥
  • Forms, FAQ and timetables for your agents 🔥

And much more!

A lot of businesses around the world have startet using WhatsApp, and also in the great city of Valencia, you will be able to find companies, who are using WhatsApp.

So lets have a look at some of them here! 👇

Bakeries in Valencia using WhatsApp

The Bakerhttps://chatwith.io/instagram/the-baker
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11134
Miri Cakeshttps://chatwith.io/instagram/miri-cakes
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11135
FedeMuyRico – Mercadohttps://chatwith.io/instagram/fedemuyrico-mercado
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11137
La tarta al puntohttps://chatwith.io/instagram/la-tarta-al-punto
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11138
Aporpan Panadería-Pastelería
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11139
La Petite Brioche Sorníhttps://chatwith.io/instagram/la-petite-brioche-sorni
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11141
Le monde du macaronhttps://chatwith.io/instagram/le-monde-du-macaron
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11144
Sugar Home Bakery & Party Studiohttps://chatwith.io/instagram/sugar-home-bakery-party-studio
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11143
Limon y Merengue – Pastelería Artesanalhttps://chatwith.io/instagram/limon-y-merengue
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11133
Cakes Layeredhttps://chatwith.io/instagram/cakes-layered
Poll: https://polls.chatwith.io/p/11132

These are simply some examples of businesses that are using WhatsApp, and there are many more! 👍

Curious about What WhatsApp business can do for you? Have a look here. 👇

The benefits of WhatsApp business

With a WhatsApp business account, you can let people see your products and buy them directly from WhatsApp, see your opening hours, location in maps and create a product catalogue and much more!

Create your own polls

The polls you see next to the business, are simply examples of how these businesses can use polls as a way to do several things for their business.

Polls are good for:

  • Collecting data 👍
  • Getting important knowledge about your customers preferences 👍
  • Engage your customers more with your business 👍
  • A fun way for your customers to express their opinion 👍

You can create as many polls as you’d like at Tochat.be, and here is how you create them!

  1. Go to Tochat.be and log in
  2. Go to Polls in the toolbar at the top
  3. Press “create your own poll now”
  4. Create your poll!
Create your own poll!

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

We develop WhatsApp solutions, WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Widgets. Please contact us for more information. We are here to help you.

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