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WhatsApp widgets are becoming more and more popular, and for a really good reason. If you already have a WhatsApp widget, you have probably also added agents to it, and startet discovering the major benefits of your agents. 💡

So, if you don’t have your WhatsApp widget and agents yet, and are curious about what you can do with your agents, and what the benefits are, then simply follow this article, and we will enlighten you with all the great things you can do, with your WhatsApp agents. 🤗

What is a WhatsApp agent?

To make it short, a WhatsApp agent is an agent, which you can add to your WhatsApp widget, to give your customers a direct channel to get in contact with you, if they have any questions or comments.

This way, if you have a customer that is surfing your website, but ends up having some final questions before making a purchase, they can simply access your widget and get in contact with your agents, to find the answers they are looking for. 🤔

You can add as many agents to your widgets as you want to with an account at, so you can have a sales agent, service and supports agent and perhaps an agent for more technical questions.

Here we give an example of a sales agent, what it is, and how to use it.👇

WhatsApp sales agents!

Get a link to your agent

Just like a link to your WhatsApp, you can also get and share a link, that leads your users directly to the specific agent, who can help the customer and provide the best possible customer service.

Get more information and guides about a link to WhatsApp here, and create your WhatsApp link at👈

Here is how you get a link to your agent! 👇

  1. Log in at ✅
  2. Go to widgets ✅
  3. Choose the right agent ✅
  4. Press the link where it says “get your personal agent page” ✅
Log in at
Go to widgets
Choose the right agent
Press this link to see the landing page

The link you see below, is the link to the phone number, which is connected to the person controlling the agent. by pressing this link, you will get directed to that persons whatsApp account, and you can start a conversation with them! 👍

Link to WhatsApp

This is your link to your very own landing page for your agent!

Landing page for your agent

You can do multiple things to change and improve the design of this landing page, such as adding a picture or the banner as you see as the background.

You also get the QR code, which can direct people directly to the page. 📱

Add a video landing page

A video landing page is a very nice visual way to catch the attention of your users, keep them interested and generally just a great way to create your landing page!

Here is how you add a video landing page 👇

  1. Log in at ✅
  2. Go to widgets ✅
  3. Choose the right agent ✅
  4. Add the video where it says “Create a video widget for instagram” ✅
Log in at
Go to widgets
Choose the right agent
Add the video here

A video landing page is a great and beautiful experience for a client, but also a way for you to really differentiate yourself from your competitors! 👥

The video has to be maximum 4M – mp4, otherwise you cant upload the video, and it wont work. ⚠️

Add a form to your agent

Adding a form to your agent is a great opportunity for you to get a step ahead, when you are going to help your customers, by letting them tell you some important information, that can help you provide a better service for them.

A form is a little blanket of small questions, that you can ask your visitors to fill out if they are looking for your help, so you can get a better idea of what the issue is, how you can help, or what exactly they are looking for! 👏

Here is how you add a form to your WhatsApp agent! 👇

  1. log in at
  2. Go to Widgets ✅
  3. Choose the right agent ✅
  4. Press “+ Add form” ✅
  5. Choose the right type of form ✅
  6. Create your form ✅
Log in at
Go to Widgets
Choose the agent you wish to add a form to
Press add a form
Choose the type of form you want
Create your form

End the process and finalize your form by pressing “activate this form”, when you are ready to publish your form, and then you will have your form ready! 👍

Add FAQ’s to your agent

Frequently Asked Questions is a tool that every website, every business, and every WhatsApp widget and agent should definitely have available for their users. A section with FAQ adds the opportunity for your user to find solutions to their questions on their own, instead of having to get in contact with you.

What this basically means, is that you can answer the questions from your clients, before they even ask you. 😎

Here is how you add FAQ’s to your agent! 👇

  1. Log in at ✅
  2. Go to Widget ✅
  3. Choose the right agent ✅
  4. Press “Add FAQ” ✅
  5. Create the FAQ’s, and the answers to them ✅
Log in at
Go to widgets
Choose the right agent
Press “Add FAQ”
Create the questions and answers

To finish the process, simply press “submit” and your FAQ section will be complete. 🚀

If you have any additional questions, please let us know, we are here to help! 🙏

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