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I wish I could be pleased to know more about the WhatsApp application, how to make tricks and things before having an official job or to deal professionally with the provision of services of the application itself. I wish I could learn the aspects of WhatsApp from the best professionals in the field!

Follows explanation of the beloved WhatsApp application! 🥰

Even in a world that sees new app releases every day, WhatsApp maintains its leading position in terms of messaging services. And, in addition, it is definitely one of the top candidates for the most used app of all time. People love WhatsApp for its reliability and simplicity. Open the application, tap on the contact, write the message and press send. That is, you are done.

And this messaging application has become extremely popular and beloved by the users. Because WhatsApp is a simple, fast and reliable service used by more than 450 million people.

So, here are the 5 best and most beloved WhatsApp tricks used on your iPhone or Android smartphone:

1) Apply PHOTO FILTERS before sending (iPhone only)

What better way to start the list than the latest addition to the WhatsApp app. Unfortunately, it is currently only for iPhone users. Now, every time apple users send a photo using WhatsApp, will see a small text that says: “Push up for filters“.

The users loves this new feature, because it was one of the few additions that was missing from the application. Ιf you belong to the unknowing yet….Once swipe up, you’ll find a set of filters that you can apply to your photos, as well as Instagram. At the time of writing, only 6 filters are available but are expected to increase with future updates . Also, now when you send four or more photos or videos at the same time, the photos will be sent in an album and therefore will not capture your conversations as before.

2) 🤩Edit images before sending 🤩

Another favourite trick(!) now users can quickly tag and basically edit photos from the right inside WhatsApp. When someone click on a photo or select one from the gallery, he will see several options at the top. He can crop and rotate the image, can also add text, emojis and can even doodle to it if wish it.

A word, MAGICAL!

3) Use WhatsApp as a personal note keeper~…~

Νo other messaging app has this feature, to give the user space to keep their own notes and reminders.

So that makes WhatsApp so so SPECIAL! That you can use WhatsApp as a personal repository for all your bookmarks and links. It’s a very useful trick as all your links will be at your fingertips and you can easily share them with your friends if you want.

But how do you do that?

To do this, open WhatsApp and create a group with just one friend. Now remove this friend from the group, it basically means that you will be the only member of this group. Now any links you share with this group will be just for you.

4) Listening to voice messages secretly without headphones…🤯

WhatsApp plays foxy with this feature! Magnificent IDEA! Suppose you have a voice message from someone but you do not have headphones with you, No problem!!! Of course, you can not hear it in a speaker, as people around you will hear in your personal message. Do not worry that there is a hack to solve this problem.

You just have to play the voice message and place your phone right in your ear, as if you were calling. The proximity sensor will activate and instead of playing the message through the speakers, it will play the message on your headset so that only you can hear it.

5) Send messages to WhatsApp using Google Assistant or Siri

The last but no least feature is to send someone a message and you are not in the mood to type or you may be in a situation where typing is not an option, what are you going to do? Do not worry my friend, WhatsApp has covered you one more time. You can send messages on WhatsApp using the voice assistant on your phone, and it supports both Google Assistant and Siri.

To do this, Android users can call “Ok Google” to start the assistant and say the following phrase, “Send a message on WhatsApp“. It will then ask you to dictate the message. After dictating the message, the assistant will ask you to confirm that the message was sent. Just say “Yes” or “Send” to send the message. The procedure is the same for iOS users with the only difference being that they call Siri (“Hey Siri”) and not Google Assistant.

The capabilities of the platform do not stop there, people love and use WhatsApp very much in their daily lives!

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