Driving a business, selling goods and services to customers and leading your business to a better future, requires more than just skills, and perhaps a good education. It requires a lot of confidence and believe in yourself and your actions, but it doesn’t come easily.

This leads us to ask the question, whether or not WhatsApp can act as a solution, to increase your confidence, and help you drive your business in the right direction. 🤔

How can WhatsApp help your business?

WhatsApp is, as we all know by now, a great communication tool, to chat with friends, family and colleges and a lot of us are using WhatsApp on a daily basis.

But is there something more to WhatsApp, that just chatting with friends and family, and are we actually taking the app for granted at times? 😮

WhatsApp is more than just an app for chatting. WhatsApp has a lot of features, that can help you take your business to the next level!

As an example, you can add Widgets, agents, payment link, polls and surveys and much more to your website, by using the premium features at Tochat.be, for the humble price of $20 a year. 📈

Find out more at Tochat.be! 🔥

Always be available for your customers

Nothing can give a confidence boost as the feeling, of having everything under control, and always being able to be there for your customers when they need you.

One way to do this, is to create your own WhatsApp link and add it to your social media, so there is absolutely no doubt for your customers, how they can get in contact with you!

Create your own WhatsApp link

With your very own WhatsApp link, you get the opportunity to always be available for your customers, without having to be online constantly.

By sharing your link, and making it as available as possible, you are giving your customers a nice and easy way to always stay in touch with you, just by pressing your link. 👏

Knowing that you can be available at all times, and always be able to give your customers the service and support they deserve can be a huge confidence boost, just by erasing uncertainties. ⚠️

Here is how you create your WhatsApp link 👇

How to create your WhatsApp link 🔥

Follow these easy steps, to make your WhatsApp link

  1. Go to Chatwith.io 🌐
  2. Add your Phone number and country code 🇺🇸
  3. Add your name or the name of your company 🏢
  4. Add a costume message for your users (optional) 👋
  5. Create your link! ⛓
Chatwith.io 🔥

No need to complicate things

As soon as you get rid of all unnecessary complexities, you will start to see, that you dont need much to make your customers happy, you just need the essentials, and a link to WhatsApp is the right solution.

Nobody knows your company better than you, and you need to be confident in managing your customers, which is also why, you don’t need to guide your customers to a ton of different pages, you have the answers, so guide them to you via your WhatsApp.

What does it look like and how do customers find it?

Here is your WhatsApp link

This is What you WhatsApp link looks like 👆

When you make your WhatsApp link at Chatwith.io, you will get to this page, where you can manage your link!

Here you can:

  • See your link ✅
  • Edit your link ✅
  • Copy your link ✅
  • Customize ✅
  • See your stats ✅
  • Add new WhatsApp links ✅

When you have your WhatsApp link, you can copy it, and share it on your social media profiles, share it in posts and add it to your website!

We also have guides to help you share your link!

More information at Tochat.be 👏

Please let us know If you have any questions or comments ✌️

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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