How to make your whatsapp service go Viral!

As a Business Owner, you want to gain more leads, followers and eventually convert them into regular long-term customers or clients; I think you need to know how to drive them to you

When you are thinking about different channels to talk and engage with your ideal customers, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Probably Facebook with its 2.167 billion active users, maybe instagram with its’s 800 million active users? What about twitter with its 330 million active users or Linkdin that has 260 million active users. But What if we would tell you there is another platform out there, has more users than instagram and Linkedin combined. Also Now you have the option to link it to all your social media to make your contact VIRAL!

YES, it is Whatsapp

All what you shall do is sharing your Whatsapp number and whatsapp link!

Once you start to think about the channels where you have touchpoints with your (future) customer, think of for example:

  • Bilboards, brochures, flyers, customer magazines
  • Answering Machine & Queue “You can also write us a Whatsapp”
  • Shop windows, waiting area, display stands, exhibition walls
  • Website & App (everywhere users would search for contact)
  • Social Media, Portal & email (Newsletter + Signature)
  • Documents such as offers, invoices and receipts
  • Product packaging and shipping packages
  • Use your Whatsapp QR code on all documents
  • Use your Chatwith widget on all websites, if you don’t have it yet so please don’t be late! NOW you can do it here for free
  • Facebook, Google & Instagram advertising with Click to chat
  • Embed your whatsapp link in all relevant business chat groups. If you don’t have your link yet!

Here’s how you can do that right now for free BEFORE everyone else

By César Martín (

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