How to have two WhatsApp on the same phone

On a phone you can download the two WhatsApp applications.

The normal one that would be for personal use and you can download WhatsApp business for your most professional use, or your online store.

Both applications are free, but you need two separate phone lines to activate each WhatsApp application.

Suppose you have a mobile phone already linked to your personal WhatsApp account.

For WhatsApp business you need to use either a landline that already exists from your company or hire a Virtual phone to activate WhatsApp for business.

But it is very important that you understand that you need two independent phone lines.

If you use a landline to activate WhatsApp, the activation process is very simple.

You download the application, add the landline for verification, WhatsApp makes an automatic call to this number in which it will indicate the number that you must enter as a code.

Once you have entered your WhatsApp, it will be activated by being linked to that landline phone.

It is that simple and easy.

Now that you have your two applications active on your phone, you should start promoting your WhatsApp channel with your existing customers as well as new potential customers.

The best way to promote your WhatsApp channel is by creating a link to your WhatsApp number and sharing it across all your channels.

In e-mail signature, News Letters, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Whatever channel you use, you must invite your customers to connect using WhatsApp.

It is the simplest and most direct way to communicate with your clients.

What configuration options are important in WhatsApp for business

The first and most important is the profile of your company.

Add a photo and description of your business that makes customers want to get in touch with you. Second, equally important is your customer service hours.

Define your hours so that if you are not available, customers can see an absent message.

Think that many clients will contact you during the weekend, at night, or simply at times when you are not available.

So that those clients know what your work hours are, when you will be able to respond, as well as being able to see alternative options to better understand your product and services, in the absence message you can include all that information.

It is important to understand that our business cannot be something in which we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We must manage our clients and our business in a way that we can distribute the schedules in reasonable periods.

But the most important thing is to inform the customer about when you are available.

In case we are not available what tool and alternatives we give them.

Access to the website, access to the WhatsApp center catalog, access to the forum, access to Twitter, that the client who wants more information can be managed to get it and if you offer direct online purchase forms that can also be done.

Another very good option within business WhatsApp is to be able to tag clients.

Use this option whenever a potential customer contacts you.

By tagging customers, you can send bulk messages to all of your customers using broadcast lists.

This option is limited to 250 contacts.

But what we say hopefully we have all 250 potential customers with purchase intent on our contact list.

If for whatever reason your list of potential customers grows and grows, you can always create new labels such as list of potential customers one, list of potential customers two and you go creating new distribution lists to send messages to these potential customers.

But it is always good to refine the clients, potential clients with whom you see that there is no connection, it is better to eliminate it and pass it to other distribution lists, from which you can get to know them better and see if your product or offer really fits with what they need.

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