Freelancers can use WhatsApp to improve their business sales

If you are a freelancer or owner of an SME, you will know how important it is to stay connected with your clients and potential consumers. Today we present one of the tools that will make your business grow the most in this and other ways: WhatsApp Business. If you want to know a little more about this application and its benefits, don’t miss this article.

What is WhatsApp Business?

We are talking about a version of WhatsApp aimed specifically at SMEs and freelancers. With the same interface as the one we all know, it was launched in 2017 with the idea of ​​being the main corporate communication channel for small and medium-sized companies. It includes functions specifically designed to improve both communication with your customers and the information you provide them.

The application will allow you to create a business profile from which you can maintain direct contact with your customers and provide them with content. Among the data that will appear is your name, description, address with Google Maps, email, website and business hours. That is, all the practical information of your business.

Through this app, you can create an attractive catalog of your products, provide direct links to your website and establish QR codes with which consumers can quickly contact you. In addition, it gives you the option of adding labels to organize orders and customers.

It is compatible with WhatsApp Messenger, being able to have both applications running at the same time. But its advantages do not end here.

Advantages of including WhatsApp Business for freelancers

Bearing in mind that communication must be a priority objective in business, we must know how to take advantage of and integrate the functions of this free app into our strategy. If you still think you don’t need it, take a look at the benefits of using it.

1. Faster and more direct contact

Its main virtue is that it enables a rapid exchange of information with consumers. On average, it takes us about 90 minutes to answer an email, while on WhatsApp it barely takes a minute and a half. This is not to mention that emails are being opened less and less, the reading ratio being higher than that of the instant messaging application par excellence.

Facilitating quick responses in real time encourages communication. In addition, the conversion ratio is increased, since the interest of the contact person is not cooled.

You can forget about losing customers due to misunderstandings or lack of information. Likewise, you will be able to have a rapid management of incidents and processing of problems, factors that have a direct impact on consumer satisfaction.

2. Automate quick responses

Freelancers who decide to incorporate this tool will be pleased to see how one of its functions is the automation of messages dedicated to the user. This, which is nothing more than a saving of resources and time, allows you to schedule “away messages” when you are not in your working hours, create welcome messages to new users or automate the sending of notifications confirming the status of the order.

But this is not all. You can also save the messages that serve as a “frequent reply”. Thus, when several consumers contact you to ask similar questions, you can resolve them without wasting time.

3. Segment your customers

To further optimize your time, the app gives you the ability to segment users, thus making it easier for you to send messages.

You will be able to create groups and add labels, functions that will help you to personalize your service. Consumers will receive messages from your company that add value while you can send them reminders or promotions of their interest.

4. Increase consumer confidence

If you use an exclusively business profile, you will give a more professional image to your clients. In addition, you will not only provide the complete information of your business that we mentioned before, but you will also be able to share photos, texts and videos of your products. But that’s not all: users will be able to choose how they contact you, whether by message or video call. An excellent way to earn the trust of your potential client.

5. Evaluate your strategies

Finally, something that makes this tool really useful for freelancers is the possibility of evaluating your strategies through statistics. This application incorporates them as a novelty, being extremely useful to follow the marketing and communication strategies proposed.

You will know the impact your messages have had, how many have been delivered and how many were read. Undoubtedly, an effective way to optimize efforts and achieve the maximum return on investment.

Being up-to-date in terms of tools is essential in any business, especially if it is an online business. So why not take advantage of the ones that are totally free? If you use these and other advantages, (As creating your free WhatsApp business link with you will see that your monthly income increase and expenses decrease significantly! Go to WhatsApp Business and take one more step with your business.

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