Why should Architects use WhatsΑpp Link!

Communication and Organisation

We tend to gravitate toward people that “get us” and with whom it’s easy to connect. But we live in a diverse world and many architects don’t begin to understand the importance of communication until they are forced to step out of their comfort zone and interact with people from different backgrounds and life experiences. Communication is critical to delivering a successful project to a client, yet it’s one of the biggest issues. The challenge of communicating a design and plans to a client that has a different background, life experience, expertise and expectation of the project, all of which they bring with them to the design and construction process.

Another issue that a Whatsapp link can help with is organization.

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  • Consumers today are researching Google just to check any businesses, that they want to purchase products or services from
  • They need to verify your credibility by checking if you have an online presence.
  • Searching for product reviews and feedback from random strangers who have experienced availing of your products and services.
  • By creating a WhatsApp Link you’ll be easily contactable from one plateform and get more reach from every of your pages

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How do we help communicating

Major sources of miscommunication usually starts early in the project when the vision that the architect develops in their own mind looks different than the vision that the client has, and the architect has not effectively communicated his/her vision to bring this difference to light. Sometimes architects make upfront assumptions about the direction of the project and they wrongly assume that their vision is also what the client wants. Sometimes the requests are also impossible and agreeing to a middle ground can become a new challenge.

  • When you create a link you can start with a template message to get all messages you need, you can also have information on the source of reach.
  • When talking about the project you’ll be able to communicate directly with the client by phone, video, texting and if needs are done you’ll already have their contact.
  • You can send each other documents and sketches without needing mails and all informations are protecteur by WhatsApp 
  • Whatsapp link templates will help you to make templates such as portofolio, Time saving messages such as automatic messages and pre made questions for required information acquisition.

Build trust with your potential customer

  • Once you have built your followers on the different social media platform, you can produce content that is not always your aim to sell
  • Businesses want to increase their sales but if people see you as someone who is just there to sell, they might lose their interest!
  • You must make a plan to share educational content without always selling anything, explaining your practice.
  • This educational content can relate to your business and achievements and on how people should be informed about the benefits they could get from the features of your services.
  • Sharing success stories of your previous customers can help in marketing your products since people love to hear success from people they can relate to
  • You can share articles, infographics, and video training as these can easily attract people’s attention  
  • Call your customers to search on habitissimo.es official website for your services and your contact Infos.

Engage with your customers:

  • You must prioritize engaging with your customers
  • You represent your business so if they don’t get an answer from you right away, they could easily be turned off and look for another business same as the products you offer
  • They shall see you as someone they could rely on and not just some person working on their project without them being able to reach you or your office easily 
  • Customers would reply or comment to your post on your social media channels or even on Whatsapp. 

Organizing with WhatsApp

Even if your role as an architect or project manager or Designer is really important the number of people engaged in the pre-building process is quite numerous. And once the building process starts it can get too many to see clearly.

Platforms allow you to contact and help to engage easily and quickly with your existing or potential customers and coworkers. But WhatsApp does it better. 

As your information will be better protected than on Facebook, and where you could share files unlike Instagram.

Whatsapp also allows you to send live locations and locations. Create live rooms (calls) with WhatsApp and messenger users. And if there is no connection you can still try to connect by phone. 

You can create a link including your phone number in order for people to find you easily, for you to filter them and send template messages.

You can also send notices to a few hundred people à time when you need to make a shoutout or send information to the whole team.

Whatsapp also allows you to make different teams and make a room between those teams if needed.

How to Create your WhatsΑpp Link

It is simple just visit our website, ChatWith.io, and create your free WhatsApp Link.   

  • Add your phone number and national code
  • Add a template message of your choice 
  • Put the link on your chosen landing page
  • Now you can make as many links and templates as needed for every time of situation.

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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