Create a Link to WhatsApp for Cosmetic Specialists❕

Aesthetic medicine concerns a lot of people, who defy the pain from the scalpel and are left themselves in the hands of a beautician to look like powerful beauty standards.

So, how do you stand out???

What is a WhatsApp link?

A WhatsApp link is a link with your phone number or your business phone number, which you can promote to your customers to communicate with you much more effectively.

Add your landing page to your WhatsApp Link, include more details about your company in a small description, inform your audience about your clinic’s schedule or operating days, etc…

And how can your patients find it useful?

 Every day, more people are tempted by the standards of beauty, which look flawless and perfect. Plastic surgery specialists always are in touch with many different patients. Several people interested in cosmetic surgery visit your clinic, some of them want to ask a few questions, considering starting treatment as usual. Also, some patients ask for the plastic surgeon’s phone many times to talk to him in person, to offer medical consultation.

Each interested client approached you for a different reason, give them the opportunity to solve all their questions and make an appointment at your office to complete their operation.

With our free tools, your patients will be happy if they will be excited as it will be easy for them to contact their aesthetic doctor or surgery medical specialist every time they need it.

How can WhatsApp help you boost your clientele?

Useful Tips!💡

Offer medical Infos: Give the opportunity to your patients to get to know your methods in person or by your secretary. Promote your brand via WhatsApp. Offer specialties, and

Become more accessible: Your patients trust you more and they find you a more sensitized doctor. And if they trust you, they will always recommend you and then they will recommend you to new customers.

Manage your appointments: Remind your patients of their appointments, their time of arrival at the clinical institute, in order to avoid crowding, now in coronavirus times.

Send medical prescriptions: the possibility of sending and receiving documents, images, or videos can facilitate the sending of medical prescriptions or orders, directly from a smartphone;

 Send notices about events and congress you joined about aesthetic medicines themes, discounts seminars or

Send questionnaires to evaluate the services: surveys can be sent to evaluate the quality of the services offered by the clinic or center directly from WhatsApp.

These were much more advantages of using WhatsApp link for cosmetic use… here we represent you some of them.

Create your free WhatsApp Link and surpass your other cosmetic competitors.

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