Whatsapp Tips & Tricks (1)

Some secrets WhatsApp features you should try!

No wonder that in recent years WhatsApp became a huge part of our lives. It’s convenient, quick, and easy to use. Here we collected some secret WhatsApp features you probably have never heard about, did you know how to find out the exact time someone read your message.

Find out the exact time someone has read your text

This magical feature works for both Android and IOS devices. All you have to do was just hold on to any of your messages you are interested in and choose “info”, there you’ll see the time your message was sent and also the time it was read.

Muting group chat!

If there is some group chat or a person that’s constantly bothering you with endless messages, you can simply mute it.

Just pick the chat, click on its name or the name of the contact on top of the screen and select “mute notifications”

You’ll have the option to mute it for 8 hours or a week or even a year, you can always go on WhatsApp later to catch every message, you have missed.

Create a link to your WhatsApp number

Step 1. Go to ChatWith.io and add your phone number with your country code.

Step 2. Enter your name OR your business name

Step 3. Add your welcome message for your user (Optional)

Step 4. Click on “Create your WhatsApp Link

Step 5.Then take your link copy and paste it on any social media platform to share it with your users.