WhatsΑpp Marketing for Business Promotion!

Digital Marketing is important for business today, promoting your business online especially on your social media channel would help your products or services be known and discovered by your target market.

We are in a digital age

If you have a physical store and your business is not on any social media channels, you will lose the opportunity to sell your business’ products or services with tons of people engaging in their social media accounts.

Start building your social media presence

  • Consumers today are researching Google just to check any businesses, that they want to purchase products or services from
  • They need to verify your credibility by checking if you have an online presence.
  • Searching for product reviews and feedbacks from random strangers who have experienced availing of your products and services.

Schedule your promotions timely

  • People are busy with their lives and the tasks they do every day, once they get interested in your promotion, they won’t purchase right away.
  • People need to be exposed to the product you are promoting at least six times before they decide to purchase
  • If you promote your products for a few days, chance are they might forget about your promotion right away
  • Promote your products or services again the following day.

Build trust with your potential customer

  • Once you have built your followers on the different social media platform, you can produce content that is not always your aim to sell
  • Businesses want to increase their sales but if people see you as someone who is just there to sell, they might lose their interest!
  • People avoid salesman who just messages them to share their products with the intent to sell without taking into account what the customers want.
  • You must make a plan to share educational content without always selling anything.
  • This educational content can relate to your business of how people should be informed about the benefits they could get from the features of your products or services you offer
  • How your products can improve their lives
  • Sharing success stories of your previous customers can help in marketing your products since people love to hear success from people they can relate to
  • You can share articles, infographics, and video training as these can easily attract people’s attention  

Engage with your customers:

  • You must prioritize engaging with your customers
  • Τhe time frame of waiting for your response to their inquiries will leave an impression on your business
  • You represent your business so if they don’t get an answer from you right away, they could easily be turned off and look for another business same as the products you offer
  • They shall see you as someone they could rely on and not just some salesman looking to increase your sales, without thinking of their customers’ concerns.
  • Customers would reply or comment to your post on your social media channels or even on Whatsapp. 

Create your WhatsΑpp Link

So here our tool boosts your presence on all social media platforms and helps to engage easily and quickly with your existing or potential customers.

You can create a link including your WhatsApp number using this free tool. Visit our website, ChatWith.io, and create your free WhatsApp Link.   

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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