How to build your WhatsApp list!

Building your WhatsApp list is different from building your Facebook followers, on Facebook you do have a Facebook page where your potential customers can like your page and you can post your promotions there. On WhatsApp all you have are the features of a messenger; you need to know the mobile number of your contact and the contact must add you to their WhatsApp contact list for them to receive more of their offers.    

How to build your WhatsApp list in the physical store!

When you have a physical store you can have potential customers coming in every day to your store, they might be looking for the products that you are selling or the services they could avail of from your business if they walk into your store here is your moment to catch up with them!

  • Talk to them about what they want or need
  •  Build rapport with your potential customer
  • They might open up with you about what their problems are. Your products and services could give the solution to their problem.
  • Gain their trust
  • Try offering them discount coupons and vouchers
  • Make them understand the benefits of getting exclusive discounts.
  • In return of giving them discount coupons, you can ask them to give you their contact number.
  • Add them to your whatsapp contact list
  • Add them to your broadcast list, so they ll be receiving your broadcast message including the discount coupons that you can offer and they can use it right away.

People love discounts so adding them up to your WhatsApp contact list and giving them the privilege of exclusive offers will make them feel grateful for your offer.

Use your Social Media Channel in building WhatsApp list

If you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn business page and you have built your followers you can share your Whatsapp number or WhatsApp link on your posts so that you can let your followers know that they can reach you via your WhatsApp mobile number and you can use of the WhatsApp features that would benefit your business.

Create your WhatsApp link

You can create a link including your WhatsApp number using our free tool. Visit our website,, and create your free WhatsApp Link.

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