How Can I Make My WhatsApp More Accessible

We know that getting WhatsApp from companies to customers can be a somewhat a complicated process, but we have the solution to it! Do it easily by creating a link that directs customers directly to a WhatsApp conversation with your company. This link can be shared on the different social networks of your company and also on the website itself, creating a widget with predetermined messages. In this way, the company will be able to reach more people in a simpler and faster way.

How can I do it?

Create your WhatsApp link from and use it for chatting in social media or your website.

Also we are offering to you online chat with your website visitors via WhatsApp and get paid directly from WhatsApp. Go and create our account at , be premium and we offer you a complete business online.

How to start a conversation with your customers?

See your visitors from stats and send them before getting out of your website an -10% discount. Or an interesting event and ask them to join it.

You can talk in many clients by one time. For example, create a group with lots of numbers and send offers or new products, your catalogs and some daily offers. These allow users to interact with you and get their attention.

How to get bookings for your business with WhatsApp?

Let your customers communicate with you via WhatsApp and instructed them to close their orders and reservations from there.

Benefits of making your whatsapp accessible

  • Most people open their messenger apps several times per day; whatsapp is the easiest, most convenient way for your customer to get in touch with you because it is already part of their daily habits.
  • Messaging allows you to react faster to customer requests and solve any unanswered questions during the purchase cycle.
  • WhatsApp allows you to take your customer care and support to the next level. Provide vital information your clients need on both mobile and desktop devices, take advantage of replying questions and dealing with customer issues quickly and efficiently. Use our tool to let your customers reach out or talk directly to a live agent
  • Using a well-known brand such as whatsapp can help you win and retain important customer’s trust and build a solid reputation with your customer.
  • It is easy with whatsapp to promote your brand and create offers to the audience by providing them your website link or your business link via our tool! Sign up now