How to sell fruits and vegetables via Whatsapp

During this coronavirus outbreak, essential stores are moving to a different business model by transitioning to pickups and deliveries to help stay safe.

In this article we will look at how to run your business and your store efficiently using free tools like ours!

Our widget can be used by any essential store like fruit and vegetable stores, groceries, and restaurants. But at the beginning let’s look at the problems faced by these stores.

Some common issues faced by stores in handling orders:

  • With limited employees it becomes difficult to manage orders which mean slow service to customers
  • When demand is not known it leads to product and time waste
  • Handling all orders via phone is difficult and has no tracking abilities

These problems can be easily solved by using our tool.

A store with a variety of products and a lot of customers only needs our tool to manage their orders; let’s see how it can be done. Get our product for free here (, our premium subscription ($20/yr) allows you to create catalogues, accept payments, and lots of other features!

You can create a broadcast list of your customers and send them your catalogue of products. Customers can have a look at the products and price and then place the order. Once you receive the order, it can be labeled as new orders, paid, delivery, or pickup as required. This way you can track and deliver orders with minimal workforce using our tool.            

Also, we provide you the option of creating  your own business link that can be more visible and help you to get more customers via social media and relevant platforms,  

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