How to sell Lingerie 🩱👙with WhatsApp

You started your business, opened your own store with attractive undergarments, bras, pajamas and lingerie and your first customers started visiting you.

Sometimes you get new customers, who purchase from the first time, they visit your shop, and others are your loyal customers from prior interactions. Βut you need more, right?

  • Have you ever considered starting your own e-shop?
  • And getting more clients online?

Now you can easily start an online business, and search for potential clients on the internet. Make your own website, update it quickly and show photos of your products on your site. The quality of your pictures are very important to creating a functional and beautiful e-shop. Creating an e-shop is easy and will help you increase your sales.

we are available to show you the ways to do it and succeed

It is helpful to be technically to be technically proficient so your site can be search engine friendly (“SEO friendly”) and also has easy content and easy navigation.

How can I get new clients?

We offer you super useful methods to get new clients online.

Go to and create your free account. Create your WhatsApp link -by using your phone number with your country code. Select your code by scrolling through code list or just typing in the field. After that, write your business name and a welcome message and you are ready!!!

Start Live chats

Build “live” relationships with your eshop visitors. Use your WhatsApp link to connect with your clients,publish your link on your social media and your website. Tell your audience that you are opening on WhatsApp and invite them to ask you questions there.A good way to make direct contacts is to add our free WhatsApp Widget, to your e-shop and start chatting with your clients via WhatsApp by messages, calls or videocalls.

Online payments

Create a link and get paid directly from WhatsApp. Your customers will receive a link from you and they can easily complete the online payment to you via credit card.

Easily build sales and

your online trusted profile

With Widget WhatsApp you can chat easily with customers through agents. You could create as many as you want for different Widgets and categorize your customers,- and agents.

Use our tools and see your business grow!

By César Martín (

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