SEO for WhatsApp Link

We have decided to focus heavily on content + SEO as our main marketing channel.

As you can see from our organic traffic graph, this channel has really paid off.

These are some of the ideas we have developed on growing traffic with SEO.

SEO takes time

SEO takes time to work, so don’t expect results right away. That said, if you do things right, you should be able to start seeing results within the first 2-3 months.

Focus on 2 or 3 key content

When you’re just starting out and have very little domain authority, I suggest you focus all your efforts on 1-3 key pieces of content rather than posting a ton of blog posts and hoping for the best.

It is far better to have 1 content that ranks at the top of Google than to have a bunch of blog posts that don’t bring in any kind of traffic. In key terms focus on the bottom of the funnel. That is, if someone came to this blog post, “they would be interested in trying your product or service.” Make posts that are as clear and direct as possible. Respond to clear and well-defined concepts for your clients. Frequent and relevant questions for your clients.

Target keywords with high search volume (link to whatsApp) relative to your lifetime value and low enough competition. Also make sure your content is significantly better than what you are currently ranking for.

One of the keys is the links from other websites

Initially, you will need to spend an amount of time promoting your content and creating links from other websites. You may need to spend time on manual outreach and guest posting.

Distribution list on WhatsApp

It’s also crucial that you start building a distribution list on WhatsApp that will help you tremendously as you scale your content efforts. Emailing your list is the best content promotion tactic out there.

Once you have successfully started to rank key content items and have generated some links to the content, you should slowly start adding more content items and repeating the same process.

As the authority of your domain increases and it becomes easier to rank for keywords naturally, the frequency of publication begins to increase. At this point, you will find that you can start ranking for keywords simply by sending a WhatsApp to your list and doing a very basic content promotion.

In addition to blog posts, start creating landing pages targeting specific features and use cases for your product or service. As you continue to create new content and landing pages, make sure everything is properly interconnected to ensure maximum crawling capacity.