Emoticons are used to designate images or pictograms that are used to express ideas, emotions, or feelings on digital media. Emojis play a vital role in communication through WhatsApp, so certain fields should have more types of emojis.

Use emojis to promote your store in WhatsApp Groups

For example, the stores should have new types of emojis so that they can be promoted through these emojis. There are many types of emojis, but there are none of the stores, so we must promote the creation of these emojis. Emojis have two main functions: they can indicate emotions and reduce or eliminate the ambiguity of information. Therefore, they help convey ideas and express emotions, emphasize information, and clarify implicit thoughts.

In this sense, emojis play a fundamental role in communication, since on the one hand, they can save expression, on the other hand, they also play a fundamental role in the disambiguation of information, so that the expressed thought has an emotional context. Considering the increase in emojis in conversations between users, it is not surprising that brands are beginning to communicate on social networks using more and more these types of symbols, which helps to connect with the public through intimacy. . Do not forget that emojis can attract emotions, which means that the emotional harmony between the brand and its audience is more harmonious. Furthermore, brands not only use them to communicate with Z but also show sympathy for millennials.

Fresh, hot tamales – muy delicioso! 

Fire on Apple iOS 14.2
Face Savoring Food on Apple iOS 14.2

When we mention that brands use emojis, we must know that their main use occurs in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter …), but they are also used in notifications sent through mobile phones or messaging applications. messages, this channel is still rarely used in brands but is expected to grow in the coming years. However, all did not go well. It is advisable to use them wisely because, like any resource, their misuse will cause it to lose its power. Besides, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the environment in which they are used, taking into account that on the one hand they should reinforce positive messages or a certain degree of relaxation (they should never be used to support the following information) and show a serious attitude) , on the other hand, they must be consistent with the emotion or message that you want to convey.

Like that, marketing with emoticons reaches higher levels of effectiveness, especially if its use is linked to genuine and quality content, and if it can be used creatively.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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