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Okisam understand that your organization is in a unique situation, with a team and a unique situation for which there is no default direction. However, Okisam also understands how to plot paths and the techniques you must use at all times to walk accurately in digital environments. The company is divided into four specialist teams to provide ad hoc solutions for each challenge; The firm introduce some of the companies with whom they have shared part of their daily lives; Okisam are proud to share principles with the clients and believe in their businesses as if they were their own.

Kenay Home changed the industry by becoming the first leading Spanish brand to introduce the idea of “fashion in the home.” Kenay Home has been adapting to native online selling for a decade through an attractive and strong e-shop to meet your target audience and generate premium sales on a European level.

Manterol is a conventional home textiles manufacturer with a network of physical stores in Spain as well as foreign distributors. Manterol faced a significant challenge in moving its offline reputation to the online world. Throughout the buying cycle, a homogeneous multichannel approach can pass the brand’s logo and philosophy, as well as its key benefits.

Pollos Planes, a family company with 80 years of experience in the meat industry and a specialty in poultry, set a goal for itself in 2018 to open its first online store (web and app). We reach the billing goals annually with the proposed dissemination and marketing plan, and we do so by implementing a database-building strategy in Active Campaign.

Keons is a company that sells designer prescription glasses starting at € 39.90. Launching a brand from the ground up, such as Keons, is difficult since it necessitates the activation of many levers in order for the curve profitability to be short-lived. Their aim was to build a strong, stylish optical brand that would stand out due to its high lens quality and unbeatable and innovative price.

This sushi restaurant chain, which has locations in several Spanish cities, wanted to boost its brand by streamlining the reception, management, and preparation of online orders.

Banak Importa is a leading business in the natural furniture and decoration industry, with over 70 years of experience in the retail sector and a high level of reputation. With the advancement of three integrated ventures, has seen an unstoppable evolution in sales:

– Your online store in order to improve customer experience and efficiency.

– Dekotips.banak.com, a content hub that encourages engagement and traffic.

– Sites.banak.com ecosystem to draw traffic to more than 100 stores.

Inspection, verification, monitoring, and certification are all services provided by SGS. It employs over 3,700 people in Spain who are responsible for analyzing and certifying the proper operation of goods and services. Its goal is to create a fully integrated intranet to promote and inspire employee training, resulting in substantial time savings for management and an improvement in overall productivity.

Pura Lopez have been ready at the forefront of fashion thanks to Spanish artisan manufacture of quality and traditional women’s footwear. The aim, in this case, was to raise the average ticket on the website, as well as the total number of visitors and users in its database.

With its BYD Forklift machines and vans, the Asian brand BYD sets out to conquer Europe. BYD Forklifts Iberia must develop a website to display the advantages of these innovative forklifts, produce new content and useful material for potential customers, and establish a way of communication with them prior to their potential needs in Spain and Portugal.

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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