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Sarij Saffron Company

l’m Sima from lran, the marketing manager at Sarij Saffron Company.

Sarij Saffron Company, the main provider of saffron in Khorasan province, Iran, a region that is known for its quality saffron. We have been active in export for more than 10 years and have been a known supplier in Spain, & as well worked with Italy, France, USA, Asian countries (UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, India, etc.).

Our brand can be well introduced to your market which could benefit both sides. saffron is a luxurious good which can be offered in different types & packages according to your countries needs. We have got the required certificates, equipped with modern laboratories which guarantee the color and quality as well as educated staff who help you export the amount you require to your destination.

We provide in bulk or decorated packages. please feel free to contact us Whatsapp number : +989156090858


CEO of namavar zarin saffron co international Supplier and exporter of the Best saffron 大陆最好的藏红花经中国法律和政府许可ISO 22000

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