11 keys for your website in 2021

In this article, we want to share some ideas that can be put into operation from today in your office. 

1. How to sell online. Define our sales process. One of the changes that we have all benefited from during these months has been being able to manage and streamline online sales. Learning to sell online for many has been an organic process and in other cases, plans have been designed supported by external companies. Whatever your case, an online sales process requires more visibility and transparency with the customer. Being away from our client, we must make an extra effort to keep the client connected with us. In this screen, we share what would be normal stages of an online sales process that you must share with your team or with yourself and that you can somehow reach your client. 

2. How to use content to sell. To attract customers you need 3 main levers. Your brand, your content, and ads. In an ideal world, you will have a 33% uptake with each part. In the real world, one channel works better than the rest. The key is not to rely solely on one channel. In general, in the professional sector, the personal brand and the brand of the office tend to weigh heavily in recruitment, but you should not ignore the rest of the channels. They may not be as efficient and they may not be so profitable, but you must invest and improve in attracting and above all have some diversification in your capture channels. 

3. How to get more potential clients and send more proposals. At this stage of closing the sale, it is very important to talk about two essential concepts. Customer classification and nurturing. The normal thing is that many times we dedicate time to clients that we know are not worth it. It is very important to classify clients and have a system like the one offered by ToChat.be where you can see the leads classified by potentiality. You have to dedicate few resources to low-qualified leads, to a highly-qualified lead, dedicate more resources. 

4. What is SEO and how to use it on your website? Search engine optimization should be a tool that we must constantly develop. Being relevant on Google costs a lot, but once achieved it is a perpetual lead generation tool. We will always be getting new contacts for free to whom we can channel in our online sales process. 

5. How to define a sales flow for our potential clients. This strategy is essential for us to define a sales process that we can constantly maintain, improve and maintain. What stages do we need to validate a client? What minimum steps must we comply with for a budget request to be launched? What do we do with the rest of the leads? When do we send the budget, what do we do? Which are the next steps? What do we do if they reject us? What do we do if they accept? Designing your sales flow is essential to share it with your team and detect areas for improvement. 

6. What is “nurturing” and why it helps to sell. There are two main categories of clients. Those who are not yet ready to buy and those who need more time to buy. The key is to keep in touch and maintain the relationship. Being able to generate content that helps us keep clients informed is essential. Being able to define a work process where we keep these “bags” of customers informed and “warm” is essential. News about the office, news about products and services, news about rates, news about events, regulatory or taxpayer calendars, public aid … 

7. Automated newsletters. Newsletters are a very important recruitment tool and play an essential role in the process of building relationships with our clients. Being able to automate the sending of news is already a big step. But you should set yourself a goal 3 or 4 times a year to send original content of yours to your clients, sharing your knowledge and how you can help them improve in their day-to-day life. This may be very complex, but take it to concrete and clear ideas. Set yourself small and concrete goals that you can execute. 

8. How to recover unaccepted quotes. One of the most painful moments in the sales process is when a quote is rejected. We have done everything right, but at the time of sending our fees, the client rejects them. What can we do? The best thing is to do nothing but to maintain the relationship with the client. “I’m sorry we couldn’t fit in, but we’d like to keep you in our database to communicate next updates to our portfolio of services and rates.” A client who rejects us today may be a client who later says “yes” to us. Confidence and consistency are key. 

9. How to use Analytics. Driving a car without counting kilometers is impossible. The same should happen with our online activity. We need to have a system that allows us to assess the impact of our actions and above all to be able to develop a system of continuous improvement on our work. Are we getting better at SEO? Can we improve with more content? Is it worth investing more in advertising? To make decisions, we need measurement systems that allow us to see the impact of our activity in real-time. Do we organize a webinar? 

10. Use WhatsApp Business. This is one of the best recruitment channels we have. Offering our clients a direct channel in real-time is an essential part of our work. Learn to configure WhatsApp business and start selling directly with WhatsApp. WhatsApp business is the best ally for your commercial team. In our online courses, you will learn to use it effectively either personally or with your team. 

11. Customer tracking on ToChat.be. At the end of the day, what we need is to be able to follow up with our clients in an organized way. Sending reminders, sending notifications are actions that you need to automate as much as possible. ToChat.be is the tool that allows you to improve in these daily processes. 

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