Recover abandoned carts with WhatsApp

If you have an online store, it is a very common process for your customers to leave abandoned carts and not finish the purchase of the product.

The reasons can be very different. Prices are not clear, the form of transport or delivery is not clear, the available formats are not clear. The customer may have doubts and at that final moment of the purchase they can back out. The good thing is that all these abandoned dogs have a lot of information about your customers. At that time the client has already given their personal data and you have their mobile phone. Nothing better than using WhatsApp to recover these abandoned carts. With our WordPress plugin you can with one click send a message to all those customers who have left their cart abandoned. As easy as entering the tube orders part, see all the orders that have not been completed and send a WhatsApp to those customers.

The message you must send to your clients should be as clear and friendly as possible. Ask them if they have any questions about the method of payment, delivery, or order. Just ask how you can help. It is also very important that it clearly identifies you. Tell them your name with the name of your store and ask them if possible to save in your contact. In this way you can create a distribution list with potential customers of your online store.

On the other hand, it is very important that you have on hand the product that they have wanted to buy. With the abandoned cart you have all the information, let them see that you know the history, the product they wanted to buy, who at that moment might be a good option to offer them a discount.

Online sales are always very complex and although this Online Store is not optimized to the maximum, we must be able to offer the most rewarding experience possible. This support line for customers who have not yet finished the purchase is essential to increase and improve your conversion. It is not a complex process, it is simply that every abandoned customer receives a message of support and help to complete their purchase. If your Online Store receives a very high number of orders, you can automate the process using WhatsApp pencil. This option only makes sense if your store has hundreds of abandoned carts every day. & Nbsp;

For a lower volume, for cost, it is more sensible to use the WhatsApp plugin for WordPress that we offer. & nbsp;