How to sell more with WhatsApp – interview

Who are you? How do you help your clients?

We are a consultancy ( M275 Consultoría ) specialized in sales and digital transformation.

Our maximum objective is & nbsp; to help companies and entrepreneurs to sell more and at the same time, to attract more customers. We have our own method, the M275 Corporate method.

We have 16 years of experience.

What are the main challenges you are facing?

Companies with a delicate diagnosis or a critical situation.

Lack of application of digital systems in the organization of 2021.

Constant and wrong decision making over time.

What is your ideal type of client?

Companies with more than 6 employees, with extensive experience in their sector and with the need to make a commercial change or make a digital transformation.

Entrepreneurs with high leadership capacity and with viable projects.

And how do you apply your methodology?

We adapt to the situation of each client. Each company has its own diagnosis.

The 275 Corporate method has many points of analysis and when we meet a new customer, the first thing & nbsp; we do is assess where they are and how we should act.

The commercial strategy can be digital or face-to-face, but it will always depend on the situation in which the organization finds itself.

By which channels do you attract more customers?

Digital (Google Ads, Bings Ads, …) and then the “word of mouth” channel.

How has WhatsApp helped you?

In automating the call to the web action, email signatures, …

When a client wants to contact us, the first he does is send us a WhatsApp.

What are the advantages that WhatsApp offers as a recruitment channel?

Time, reliability, trust.

3 tips to sell more that you could share?

The good management of the companies goes through the good management of all the departments of the organization.

If you don’t know about a relevant topic, ask for help today, tomorrow will be too late.

Automate the maximum possible systems and focus on other relevant topics.