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Dear sir/madam

Greetings and politeness and respectfully reminds that Mehdi Yar Greenhouse and Store is one of the largest producers of houseplants, cactus and succulents,
Outdoors and medicinal plants, especially ALOE VERA in Mashhad is one of the major tourist and pilgrimage cities located in northeastern Iran.

I hereby express my desire to meet your requests, especially ALOE VERA
Our recommended price for aloe vera mother ،pups &suckers
Barbadensis miller species (packaged &sorted ) : 1.4$ /kg
Inquire about the another above mentioned plants

In any case, it is an honor to work with you as a individual or legal person
It makes me happy and proud to ask for your cooperation
Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal

Do not to hesitate to contact us

king regards

saeed omidvar
Mahdi yar store&greenhouse handy: +989151071223