WhatsApp multi device support

WhatsApp on 4 different devices simultaneously

WhatsApp will soon support a new feature called “Linked devices”, you will be able to use it at 4 different appliances. How does it differ from the functioning of WhatsApp Web for instance? With Linked devices you will not be required to stay connected to the main account(phone) at all times, your phone might be offline or completely off and you will still be able to proceed with WhatsApp on another device. It is beliefed that WhatsApp will introduce a new user interface for desktop client, you will be able to view how the chat history is transfered from another device via end to end encrypted route.

Linked devices beta stage

WhatsApp will soon enable the use of new feature to beta testers, if you are one of them you will be able to view this menu(underneith) and choose to enroll your WhatsApp account to access the beta version of multi device, by toggling the switch. If you do it, all other linked devices wil be able to work without any connection to your phone. You can decide to unroll your WhatsApp account at any time if you wish to do so.

When you switch the toggle and enroll your WhatsApp account to beta testing, and you create a new session, your devices will be in sync and any action taken from one device is automatically replicated on every other appliance you are using WhatsApp on.

According to unofficial data users can expect the feature to be introduced in 2021.

Chatwith WhatsApp services

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By Paweł Górny

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