WhatsApp video call limit

WhatsApp group calls

Did you know that it is possible to make a group video call on WhatsApp? When you pick up a group call, the screen will show the participants, and the first listed contact will be the participant that added you to the call. These video calls are an amazing feature which you can utilize for instance on the New Year’s Eve, by calling to 7 of your relatives/friends at once you can easily pass them wishes all at once instead of calling them one by one. That safes a huge amount of time, and a group has a very nice atmosphere. Moreover you can utilize such calls for business purposes or school e.g. working on a project when you don’t necessarily have access to computer/skype. This feature is extremely usefull during the times of COVID-19 Pandemic.

How to initiate a group call?

  1. Go to the group that you want start a chat with
  2. Add participants that are not yet in the group but you want them to be in this call
  3. Tap video call . Remember this will work only if your chat has 8 or less participants

Alternate way (from individual chat)

  1. Open the chat yo uwant to start video call with
  2. Tap video call .
  3. Once the recipient accepts your call, tap ADD Participant+
  4. Add more Participants untill you reach 8 overall

Is there a limit?

There is a maximum limit of 8 people per video call through WhatsApp. This limit has been established due to security reasons. All WhatsApp video calls are end-to-end encrypted just like messages, which means no one from the outside, not even WhatsApp itself, only the participants have access.

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