End-to-end encryption

All messages sent via WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted which means only the device its being sent from and the recipient can decode them. Thanks to this is virtually impossible for any unauthorized user to gain access to it. Altough this is great, when it comes to backups, WhatsApp does not protect them, backup files on iCloud and Google Drive are not encrypted, but this it self is not very hazardous for your personal chats since iCloud and Google Drive have there own security mechanisms which would have to be breached in order gain access to your data.

WhatsApp Status

If you value your privacy, status feature on WhatsApp is not the best thing. WhatsApp status feature is similar to Instagram Stories, with the difference that you can’t actually hide your profile on WhatsApp. All of your conacts will be able to view it, thus we do not recommend to share very private stuff on your WhatsApp status.

Fake news

In general, WhatsApp is a communicator, all the communicators carry this flaw, where people send fake news further and further down the line in chain-like fashion. Be it in private messages or in groups, there is a lot of fake news out there on WhatsApp, so you should definitely warn your children or elderly in your family about this, since they are not well-acustomed with existence of such phenomena, they might be susceptible to it.


WhatsApp has some risks, but in general, if you are aware of them it’s easy to mitigate them and safely use WhatsApp for many activities, regular WhatsApp is the best communicator in the world with over 2 bilion users worldwide, it’s great to stay connected to your family and friends all the time, no matter where in the world you are situated. WhatsApp Business on the other hand is gaining popularity rapidly since you can literally run a company using it.

Use of WhatsApp

If you are a very involved user of Instagram or other social media, and you would like to group all chats with your followers in one place, or you have a small Instagram page where you sell things, you should include a FREE Link to WhatsApp in your bio. If you input in all bio’s of your social media, your followers/clients will be able to contact you through WhatsApp immidiately just after one click, the link will redirect them to a WhatsApp conversation with you. On the other hand if you have an existing website already, you can make use of our WhatsApp widget, it is compatible with any type of website: WIX, HubSpot, Google Site, Droopal, Joomla… and many more. This widget will be visible on your website and similarly to WhatsApp link will redirect your clients directly to a chat ith you by solely one click.

Use of WhatsApp business

WhatsApp business has many great features you can utilize if you have a company, here are some of them:

  • Business Profiles A standard feature will be Business Profle which will helps your customers get additional information
  • Statistics you can check how many messages have been successfuly sent, delivered and read
  • Catalog which will allow you to showcase and share your products and services within your business account.
  • Shortlink simplifies the connection with new customers. You can share an auto-generated short link with them.
  • Messaging tools you can use WhatsApp messaging templates to build key conversations up front. This allows you to create automated messages to engage with your customers, for instance a greeting message.
  • Labels will let you sort your conversations with customers into helpful categories e.g. “awaiting orders” or “loyal customers” or “reclamations”
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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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