Transferring chats

You just got a new phone and you want to transfer your chats? Unfortunately after you sign into WhatsApp on a brand new mobile device, your conversations do not automatically transfer. You willl have to perform a backup. In case of a transfer from iOS to Android or the other way around it’s not  currently possible.


Which One to Choose: Google Drive or iCloud?

Google Drive or iCloud

In the newest versions of WhatsApp automatic Google Drive/iCloud Backups are included. This simplifies the process of getting your chat history back. To Perform such backup follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup
  2. Here you can set the automatic backup with the frequency you wish or back it up manually. After reinstalling WhatsApp it will prompt you to recover media and chats. You will be presented with two options “restore” and “skip”, select the first one to backup your chat history.
  3. Contacts and conversation should appear immediately whereas media will be downloading for some time.

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Manual Backup

The other method to transfer the chat is the old school manual backup. You simply backup the conversations on the local storage and transfer them to your new phone. In order to perform a manual backup followe these steps:

  1. Go to Settings-> Chat -> Chat backup
  2. Tap the green “Backup” button

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3.The Backup file will be available in folder WhatsApp-> Databases.

4. Send the latest file to you new phone and store it in the WhatsApp -> Databases folder, if it doesn’t exist simply create one.

5. After you’ ve copied the file, log in to you WhatsApp account. You should get a notification about message backup.

6. Click ‘Restore’ and your old WhatsApp conversations will be copied to the new phone.

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