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How to use WhatsApp desktop

In this guide we will explain how to use WhatsApp Web, a custom App that allows you to use WhatsApp on your desktop computer or laptop. The App supports all operating systems.

Step 1

Open the WhatsApp Web website on your computer. You will find a QR code there, you will need it later on tu connect it to your phone.

Cómo Escanear el Código QR de WhatsApp Web con la Cámara Frontal (Ejemplo)|  Mira Cómo Se Hace

Step 2

Open WhatsApp on your phone and find “WhatsApp web” in the Settings menu, select it.

WhatsApp Web mobile app screenshot

Step 3

Connect your Desktop App to your phone by scanning the QR code from your computer.

WhatsApp Scan QR code screenshot


After these steps you are good to go! You can now use the desktop version of WhatsApp. All the conversations from your phone are going to now be available on the computer.



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